Linco Flora 2040 Watt Single Light Kit With Light Stand and Bulbs


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MFR Code: 2040FK Linco

Thanks to a newly developed ballast technology we can manufacture fluorescent bulbs that incorporate the ballast in the same housing as the bulb itself instead of needing a separate external ballast device. This technology allows us to create smaller, lighter, and more cost effective fixtures. The Flora™ Lighting Kit offers the best lighting source to use for both high and standard definition video because of its highly diffused nature. Its hexogen softbox is the easiest-to-use in the world. Less than 3 seconds to install the softbox. There are features: Reinforced Construction - Completely redesigned hexogen light banks with-stand greater impact. Space Saver - Off-centered tilting and locking mechanism for saving space and easy. Soft Grip Handle - Larger soft grip handle for comfortable and convenient handling. Easy Softbox - Eliminates the needs for rods and other accessories. Deploy instantly. Enhanced Safety - Fire-resistant Material for reducing fire hazard.
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2040FK Linco Flora 2040 Watt Single Light Kit With Light Stand and Bulbs  
PE9030 Linco Flora Fluorescent Light Bank 1 $79.99 
PE3480 Linco Flora 35'' Hexogen Easy Softbox 1 $54.99 
8308new 8308 Compact Light Stand 1 $39.99 
PP170051 Linco 85W Softwhite Daylight Photo Energy Bulb 6 $173.94 
Subtotal: $348.91
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PE9030 Flora fluorescent light bank
- Dimension:190x190x185mm; Weignt:1355g
Max 6x100W Fluorescent Lamp ; Fuse: 8A.
PE3480 Flora Easy Softbox - Fold
- Dimension:700x175x90mm;
- Expand(Hexagon) Dimension: 910x910x340mm; Weight: 560g
- Diffuser - Dimension:910x910mm(Expand) ;Weight: 43g
- Softbox Carrying Bag - 175x715mm ;Weight: 3.5g
PE9030B Flora Light bank carrying bag(3/4" padding)
- Dimension:620x250x215mm; Weignt:620g
PP170051 65W 5500K Color corrected Day Light Fluorescent Photo Bulb
- Dimension:Tube D:80mm;Base D:72mm;L:225mm; Weignt:220g
- PE9030K Flora fluorescent light Set
- (3) PE9030 Flora Fluorescent Light Bank
- (3) PE3480 Flora Easy Softbox
- (1) PE9030-1 Flora Carrying bag (Full Padding)
- Package Dimension: 640x280x230mm; Weight: 8kg
*Bulbs not included

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